5 Tips to Improve Metamask Security for Chrome

White, 27 Aug 2021

Metamask wallets got hacked every day due to a lack of security knowledge. It is even harder to secure your wallet for those who are not tech savvy. In this post, I will tell you how to improve the Metamask security.

I use Chrome web browser to guide you through the process. It has the same concept with other tools.

1. Create a clean wallet

  • Make sure you have a clean PC by scaning for virus and malware regularly.
  • Make sure you install Chrome from the official site.
  • Make sure Autofill password function is disable.
  • Make sure you do not have suspicious Chrome Extensions installed, some extensions can access your clipboard which means when you copy your secret code, they can have them too.
  • Make sure you do create a wallet privately

You can see my post on "How to Properly Create a Metamask Wallet with Chrome".

2. Store Secret Recovery Phrase

  • I recommend you to test your written ones, just after the wallet is created.
  • I recommend you to write down on two papers and keep them in different safe places.

3. Build Good habits while using Metamask

  • Beware of suspicious Chrome Extensions. They can pop up a fake Metamask window and steal your copied secrets in clipboard. You may create a new Chrome profile which have no extensions.
  • Close unneccessary tabs while doing transactions
  • Always check transaction information i.g. wallet addresses
  • Lock your wallet after completing your transactions

4. Link your wallet with Hardware wallet

Linking your Metamask wallet with Hardware wallet transfer signing process of transactions to the Hardware device. Although a hacker got your Metamask wallet, they cannot do any things with your Hardware wallet's account.

5. Learn more about phishing and scam

Because blockchain technology is new, there will be more and more phishing and scam coming out. You should keep learning about them.

These are 5 tips to improve your Metamask security. Happy surfing the Blockchain world !