Sandbox Game Jam Beast Quest - Lightshine

White, 22 Sep 2021

Lightshine is an action-adventure game where everyone can combat with monsters, explore new places and solve puzzles to save the world. You will act as a hero who is the last hope to defeat the high wizard, Shaga.

Lightshine was the project that I participated in the 6th Game Jam from The Sandbox Game (TSB). Participants needed to use a software called "Game Maker" to build a game. This game jam's theme was "Beast Quest" that came from a TSB's partnership named Beast Quest.

All participants had 14 days to accomplish their games. It started on September 6th to September 19th following by 14 days of voting.

This project took about 150 hours to finish including planning, designing, building, making logics and testing. Every corner of the game was optimized for best camera angles and computer performance. A large number of testing and bug fixing were also done for best players' experience.

I had learned and revised knowledge in many aspects: Story Telling, Color Harmony, Game Design, Level Design and Video editing.

I hope that everyone who play this game will have fun and get best experience.

If you found any bugs, you can contact me at