Year in Review 2021

White, 31 Dec 2021

2021 is "The Year of Alpha" for me. I've discovered myself by learning and trying new things. There are both failures and successes but in the end, I'm satisfied with all of them.

We are still here with Covid19 in 2021. It has major impact on my life and also pushes me through comfort zone. I've listed what I've got for this year.


  1. Learning Python: I should learn this language at the first place. Its functionalities are very useful.
  2. Making use of Google App Script

Web Development

  1. Taking Courses: I started learning Node.js, Next.js, Heroku and many more on Udemy.
  2. Building I built this website from scratch.


  1. Making use of API: I built projects based on and Immutable X APIs.
  2. Investing in Crypto currency: I learned both technical and fundamental analysis and put some money on it.
  3. Investing in NFT: I found out that I don't like investing in NFT except for those NFT relating to GameFi, even though it is a good way for investment.
  4. Investing in GameFi: I participated in pre-alpha and alpha of games. I beleive that next year is the exciting year for GameFi.

There is a waiting list of upcoming projects but due to limited of time, it is postponed to 2022. I have to thank Covid19 for everything and can't wait to see myself in 2022. See ya..!!